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From exterior entrances to interior doors, here you will find lots of options that match your style and your house decor. Whether you prefer fancy and contemporary entries or traditional and conventional gateways, here we guarantee that you will find just the right one that fits your personality and budget.

Check out the latest options, best materials, tips, advantages, and disadvantages. Be sure to choose the ideal door with the exact look to make your house feel homey, beautiful, and in style. Your friends and neighbors will be gasping for your new beautiful main entrance door.

Your guests could be amazed by the patio view through your glass door. Even the kids and pets can be kept away from unwanted areas by choosing the perfect door for all your house areas.

Take a look at our full range of doors made from the best-quality and longest-lasting products around. You can be sure to get the best door installation services by our exceptional and professional carpenters.

Hinged Door

Hinged doors PerthThis is the most basic door that you can get. Find out here how hinged doors work, what they’re made from, and where you can use them. They are an excellent option for your interior doors, especially if you are on a low budget.

Hinged doors are a broad category of doors. They cover many different kinds of doors, including French doors, Dutch doors, front doors, and so many others.

The hinged door also comes in many different materials and style choices. The hinged door is by far the most popular door and the easiest to install in a new home. They are also easily maintained and replaced.

Bi-Fold Door

Bi-Fold DoorsIf you want a large entry with natural light, read on and find out if this is the best door for you. Bi-fold doors use a concertina-like effect. This is an excellent option if you don’t have a lot of space.

A bifold door is an excellent choice for sectioning off rooms as well as for an exterior door like a patio. Newer technologies with bi-fold doors have made them into modern and aesthetically pleasing additions to your home.

A bifold door can be made of many different materials, including wood, glass, metal, and other options. Although a bifold door is not the perfect choice for all of your doors, they can be a fantastic choice if you’re looking to replace a sliding glass door or other similar door structure.

French Door

French doorsGet stylish with this stunning door that can open up and give you a spectacular view and added space. This is a perfect option for you to stand out with the most beautiful piece around. French doors are perfect for creating big entrances.

The French door design is made of two sections that open independently of each other. French doors are typically made of glass panels with a very thin wooden or metal frame. This makes them a popular choice for letting in a large amount of light as well as adding a larger entrance for functionality.

This design is the ideal choice for a living room exterior door or a kitchen exterior door. The French Door design also works well inside the home to create a barrier between rooms without closing off the house.

Dutch Door or Stable Door

Dutch-Stable doorThe most convenient door around, this piece can give you a different house style as well as day to day facilities. If practicality is what you’re looking, Dutch doors are the way to go. they are ideal for keeping small children and pets out of no-go zones.

The Dutch door has two sections an upper section and a lower section that swing independently from each other.

A Dutch door is an excellent choice for kitchen doors, smaller exterior doors, or for a rustic look. Although these doors have fallen out of fashion in the last few decades, they are making a considerable come back due to their functionality and farm aesthetic.

Stacker Door

Stacker doorsStacker doors can open up your living space and give you the best time entertaining. You can open up your living room onto your patio and have a stunning view with stacker doors. stacking doors are another replacement for the sliding door.

A stacker door is usually three to four different panels that move to stack on top of each other to create an open doorway. If you have an ample living space that you wish to open up to the outside stacker doors occasionally can be the perfect option.

They work best for larger homes and are typically made of reinforced double pane glass with an aluminum or steel frame. There are options for stacker doors inside the house as well, and they make for good closet doors or room to room barriers.

Sliding Door

Sliding doorsA great choice if you look for natural light, good view even if you have limited space. This is a good option if you are looking for practicality and style. ‘Pocketed’ sliding doors can also help you conceal doors inside wall cavities which is great for hiding valuables.

Sliding glass doors or sliding doors have long been a popular option for exterior doors. There are many types of sliding doors, including stacker doors and some bi-fold doors. Sliding doors are the easiest to find and replace if something is to go wrong. The traditional sliding door is also the easiest to maintain.

Tilt Door

Tilt-Garage doorsTilt doors are secure and don’t take up a lot of space. They are the right choice for your garage or shed door with excellent cost-efficiency. Create a wide, accessible opening in no time with tilt-doors. The benefits of having a tilt door can be numerous. Many till doors are easily automated with a pulley system for hands-free opening.

Roller Door

Roller doorThe standard garage shed, or shop front door. Roller doors are an industry favourite. They take up very little space and are easy to operate. Some models can even be controlled electronically. This is a good alternative to the traditional tilt door. Roller doors have many moving parts so maintenance can be a bit more complicated than the tilt door.

Security Screen Door

Security doorsFeel safe and sound inside your property with this wonderful alternative. Don’t be afraid of sleeping at night or leaving your house empty; a security screen door is an excellent option if you are looking for something durable and safe.

If ventilation is essential, these doors have that covered too. Security screen doors are a great alternative to a traditional screen door. Because they are reinforced, but they also let in the elements. This means you can leave your security screen door locked but still let in the wind, while keeping out bugs.

Front Door

Wooden Front DoorYour front door is the first thing your guests will see. Making the right choice here is vital. Do you go with safe and sturdy, or do you choose something more fancy and modern? With so many options, our guide will make that decision easy for you. Pick and choose from a wide selection of materials and doors.

A Final Thought

Whether you need a front or back door, an interior door or one for your garage, read on to find the one that best suits your property. Not only will you find the perfect door, but you will also learn about the best materials available such as wood/timber, battened and ledged, framed and paneled, flush, glass, steel, PVC, fiberglass, FRP, aluminum, and bamboo-jute composite doors.

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