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Professional Cat door Installation in Perth and Surrounding Regions with Octopus Doors

Cat Door Installation Services Perth

Are you searching for a reliable cat door installation company in Perth? Octopus Door is here to help. By leaving you door open for your cat, you allow uninvited flies and stragers into your home, that’s is why Octopus Doors provide top-quality cat door installation to all areas of Perth. It will not only save you less hassle, but allow your cat to freely wonder and go outside when it pleases. However, proper cat door installation can only be done correctly by qualified installers that make sure that your door remain secure and appealing.

With over ten years of experience of installing all kinds of pet doors in Perth, we can professionally install a new cat door and guarantee you the best results at reasonable prices. Once you hire Octopus Doors, we will come to your home to assess your needs and provide some advice as well as clarification of our service. We also carefully evaluate the type of door/s you have and installation requirements before producing a free custom quote.


Following a thorough procedure, we can assure you the best quality service and that our final results will provide an easy and harmless door for your pets as well as prevent your neighbour’s cat from sneaking in too. We take extreme precautions when installing your cat door, whether the door is glass, metal, or wood, so it doesn’t bruise your cat’s stomach and back. We are providing our services all Perth WA areas Baldivis, Rockingham, Fremantle, Mandurah.

What to consider when installing a cat doors?


Cat door services PerthWhen considering a cat door installation in Perth, it is best to leave the task to qualified professionals to prevent any damages and mistakes; especially since it could impact your cat’s safety. You will have to take into account several factors to determine the door, window or wall on which you’ll install a cat door in. At Octopus Doors, we are determined to provide safe and simple solutions that enables your cat to harmlessly move in and out of your home, so contact us today for a free quote or for our team to answer any of your questions. Here are some important factors to consider when installing a meow door.


Need professional cat door installation in Perth door?

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Electronic Upgrade

While it is necessary for your cat to move freely and wander around the neighbourhood, you should prevent other pets from going into your home. An electronic upgrade system can be placed below your kitten door to communicate with the chip on your cat, which provides a unique and secure way of allowing your pets to wander freely and preventing any other animals from entering your home or your larger pets trying to fit through the hole.

Cat door size

Cat looking through the cat doorYou would have to measure the size of your cat and if it’s still growing to determine, the size of your doors and where it should be placed. The safety of your cat/s is important, so you must ensure that your door is the right size for your cat now and in the future.

The reputation of the company you’re hiring

It is absolutely essential that the company to choose has built a stable reputation for delivering top-quality installation service at affordable prices. Choosing an unreliable and unqualified company can lead to unwanted issues and headaches, so make sure you look at their testimonials of previous customers and the experience of their business before you make your decisions.


Some door designs allow you to add different features, such as bells and whistles, that alerts you when your cat has entered or left your home. Not to mention, other features include implantable chips and motorised pet doors with curfew modes that allow you to establish a specific time when you’re pet can use the door. Whichever feature you want to add, Octopus Doors is here to fulfil your demands.

Cat door price


Whether you can premium cat doors that seal air from filtrating between your door and other exclusive feature, you should never compromise the size of your doors. If you have a tight budget, you don’t have to go crazy with electronic chips and motorising doors, but you want to have the perfect sized door for your cat. However, at Octopus Doors, we have affordable and reasonable prices that can allow you to include some useful features to your cat door.

After determining the correct door for your cat, check whether it has all the other feature you’re looking for. Octopus Doors has a wide range of cat doors for you to choose from a budget-friendly prices.

Why to choose professionals to install a cat door in Perth?


Expertise in wood, metal and glass doors

Octopus Doors specialise in building doors with all kinds of suitable materials, including wood, glass, and metal. Ultimately, it is your needs and budget that ends up determining the door design you settle for. However, regardless of the material used, all our cat doors made to be attractive, functional, and durable- allowing our customers to have high-performance cat doors in their home. Let us know about your cat door requirement, and we’ll send a free quote of your project.

Quality products and services

We on use the best quality materials and equipment when installing your cat door. At Octopus Doors, we are proud of the achievements we’ve made in making homes beautiful and secure. Whatever door you are searching for, our team is ready to match your expectations. Let us know your door needs, and one of our team members will schedule a free consultation.

No damages

Having our professionals handle the job, you won’t have dents or crack when your cat door have been positioned in your door, window or wall. Our team is ready to perform an excellent job and prevent you from creating any damages to your home.

Cat Guarantee

A reputable professional cat doors installation Perth company will typically offer service guarantees to all its customers in Perth and great job. This means the contractor will not leave sites until all your requirements are satisfied with your cat doors. DIY doors installation has no warranties, you can end up doing a messy job and wasting your valuable time and money. Not sure about the cat door installation Perth process? Let experts at Octopus Doors & Skirting take charge of your doors installation Perth process.

Why Octopus Doors & Skirting

At Octopus Doors, we pride ourselves on satisfying the needs of our customers. With over ten years of experience at installing all types of doors, we have all takes to do a thorough and professional job. We insist on building quality doors that protect the wellbeing of your cat and other pets by using the best-quality materials and extensive knowledge in all Perth WA areas.
Being a locally-owned and operated company, we can respond to your needs more quickly than other firms and organise your door installation at whatever time and day suits you. Need a professional pet door installation service in Perth? Octopus Doors is your perfect choice. Contact us today via the phone we’ve provided below for a free quote or any question regarding your future cat door installation. We promise to make you and your cat/s happy.

Quick installation with an immaculate finish. Makes me want to redo the whole house! Sandra N., Fremantle
The work these guys did was fantastic, and they were cheery good-natured guests! Jayden T., Osborne Park
I am pleased with the decision of replacing my doors. The new ones have really added style to the interior. I can’t believe what a difference it makes. Clare G., Armadale
Totally professional from the moment they got here until the moment they left. Even helped me choose a custom paint ahead of time. We couldn’t have made a better choice. I love these guys! Jennifer T., Perth
My old skirting boards were a mess after raising 3 boys. I hired Octopus Doors to replace them and am genuinely impressed with both the quality of product and service. Fantastic work, highly recommended! Corey M., Midland

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