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Security screen doors AustraliaThere are plenty of options to keep your house and family safe and sound. A great start is a security screen door. Thanks to advanced technology, it’s easier than ever to have a good security system. Security doors not only give you extra protection, but they can also serve to keep unwanted guests out.

With a security screen door, you can let in the air, and keep the bugs out, all while feeling safe. In the past, security screen doors haven’t been all that attractive to the eye. However, more and more people are switching to security screen doors, and some of them are even quite beautiful.

Read on to learn more about security screen doors and if they’re the right choice for you.


What Are Security Screen Doors?

Security screen doors usually are heavier than other standard types of doors. That’s why they are explicitly designed to keep your home secure by keeping dangers out. They are tough to break into. It is common to find these types of doors as a front door or back door, where there is more access to the outside world.

Typically, security screen doors don’t have windows on them, mainly because the glass can be broken and someone can enter through the hole. As the name implies, security screen doors come with efficient locking mechanisms and deadbolts to keep them as secure as possible. These doors typically have a dual Locking System.

What Are Security Screen Doors Made Of?


Backdoor security screen door in PerthThese doors have a similar frame to other doors; they use hinges and have a metal frame. They are fitted on the outside of your front or back door, so, if you decide to leave your inner door open during the day, the security screen door can keep you safe. This is because of the metal grille, it lets lighting in, and provides excellent ventilation. If there’s a smaller grille on your screen, it can also prevent insects from entering the property.


The materials that security screen doors are made of are steel, aluminium, metal alloy, or combinations of all these materials. All of them are strong, which ensures that there is enough protection. 


If you choose aluminium, it might have to be thicker than the other door materials, as it isn’t as strong as steel. Aluminium doors might also be slightly more expensive as only the heavier models are rust-resistant. If you decide that steel is the best option for what you are looking for, it is not only less costly if properly coated, and it can be rust-resistant for years.


Where Are Security Screen Doors Used?

As mentioned before, security screen doors are commonly used as external doors for the main entrance or the rear exit. Not only does it help stop intruders from breaking in, but it helps to protect you, in places where there is a lot of strong wind, harsh weather, and fierce storms. You can also use these types of doors in internal spaces where you would like extra protection for a specific room, such as home offices, vaults, or basements.


Lock and security screen doorPROS

• Secure and strong
• Keeps insects away
• Protects from harsh weather




  •   May require more maintenance than other doors
  •   Hinges can get damaged easily


Why Security Screen Doors? 

If you like versatile options for a specific room in your house, being able to adjust lighting and space just through a door, this is undoubtedly the best option for you! There are plenty of material options and great architectural ideas for you to fall in love with and find the best one that matches what you want. Folding doors are an advantage for all those small spaces and areas to make your house even more comfy and beautiful!

How Can Security Screen Doors Help Prevent Sliding Glass Door Leaks?

Security screen doors can help prevent sliding glass door leaks by providing an added layer of protection against drafts and moisture. The sturdy construction and secure installation of these doors can effectively seal gaps and keep out the elements, reducing the risk of sliding glass door leaks.

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