Splendidly simple yet stylish, French doors with built-in blinds are a great addition to your home! Whether they provide insulating efficiency or security, there are certain materials and types of French doors that you should consider. Additionally, pricing and common issues may be involved in the selection process. Let’s review some basics to decide on the best option for you.

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Can French doors have built in blinds?

Yes, French doors can have built-in blinds in Australia. It is possible to install custom-made Roman blinds, roller blinds and door blinds in French doors suitable for Australian homes.

Roller blinds offer a slimline fit when rolled up, so they won’t be too noticeable from the outside. Door blinds are designed with French doors’ dimensions in mind for the best fit possible.

Veneta Blinds provides tailor-made door blinds based on customers’ measurements.

Roman blinds are an ideal option for those looking for a more classic look for their French doors due to their timeless style.

What Are The Different Types Of French Doors With Built-in Blinds?


There are different types of French doors with built-in blinds, including:


  1. French patio doors with built in blinds
  2. French doors with built in blinds between the glass panels
  3. Patio doors with built-in Venetian-style blinds situated in the space between two panes of glass
  4. Patio doors with integrated between-the-glass blinds and shades
  5. French style patio doors that can swing in or out and have built-in blinds


There are several manufacturers of French doors with built-in blinds in Australia.

Paarhammer Windows and Doors is renowned for its custom-made high-performance doors, while Centor offers integrated timber or aluminium door and window systems with S2-S6 Screen & Blind Systems.

Prestige Plus manufactures tailored solutions using local materials to deliver the highest quality at the best value.

What Materials Are Used To Manufacture French Doors With Built-in Blinds?


French doors with built-in blinds are available in different materials such as fibreglass, steel, aluminium, wood, and vinyl.

Fibreglass doors are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, while steel doors are strong and secure but may require maintenance to prevent rusting.

Aluminium doors offer a lightweight frame and low-maintenance upkeep, although they may not be as energy-efficient as other materials.

Wood doors have a classic look and feel warm and textured but require painting or staining to preserve the integrity of the material.

Vinyl doors feature an embossed skin that mimics the look of the wood grain while offering a cost-effective and durable option.

Built-in blinds for patio doors have two panes of glass with Venetian-style blinds situated between the panes. These blinds sit horizontally when opened and vertically when closed, creating a more streamlined model than other door options while protecting the blinds from damage and providing privacy without sacrificing convenience.

How Much Do French Doors With Built-in Blinds Cost?


French doors with built-in blinds can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000 in Australia.

The price of the doors will vary depending on the size, material used, and design chosen. A single French door of 2100mm height by 820mm width is estimated to cost around $400, while a pair of custom timber doors can run up to $10,000.

Blinds between glass (BBG) are also available, requiring no cleaning or maintenance, and popular blind choices for French doors include Venetian or pleated blinds.

Home improvement stores such as Home Depot offer a selection of less expensive models, yet even these are more than traditional products.


Do Anderson French Doors Have Built-in Blinds?


Yes, Andersen French doors have built-in blinds. These blinds are available on select 400 Series gliding patio door models, providing a window solution that adds convenience and elegance to any home.

Home Depot offers several models of Andersen French doors with built-in blinds, including the 400 Frenchwood White/Pine Left-Hand Sliding Patio Door with Built-In Blinds and ORB Hardware.

In addition, there is also a complete portfolio of patio doors with blinds between the glass for any style and budget offered by Andersen. This makes it easy to find a design that suits your needs while adding energy efficiency and light control to your space.

Blinds between the glass can also add an extra layer of safety as they help protect against forced entry from outside.


Do Pella French Doors Have Built-in Blinds?


Yes, Pella French doors have built-in blinds. Pella offers integrated blinds and shades on their Lifestyle Series patio doors.

These blinds are tucked between panes of glass and can come in different colours to match interior decor but maintain a uniform look from the street with white exterior fabric. The integrated blinds and shades provide a uniform look, while enhanced functionality is provided with Pella Insynctive technology which allows remote control via cellular or wi-fi connectivity.

The motorized blinds and shades are available for Pella Lifestyle Series, 250 Series, Encompass by Pella, and Impervia models.

Can You Put Blinds Inside French Doors?


Yes, it is possible to put blinds inside French doors. Blinds such as honeycomb or roller shades are ideal for French doors because they fit behind the door handles and allow easy use.

Mini blinds can also be attached to the door to control the amount of light and privacy that comes in. Woven wood shades are another excellent choice as they are similar to Roman shades but made with natural materials.

Depending on the door, shutters may be too deep or require extensive remodelling to tilt them, while sliding panels and vertical blinds need to be opened past the doors to access them.

It is important to consider the raised trim around French door glass when measuring for window treatments.

What Is The Best Blind Option For French Doors?


Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds, and Roman Blinds are all great options when choosing blinds for French doors in Australia. These blinds offer a range of unique benefits that can cater to different requirements regarding style, colour scheme, privacy needs and functionality.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds come in over 80 different colours to complement the room style, regardless of design or theme.

Roller blinds provide a uniform look as they can be linked together, while Roman blinds offer a more traditional style that perfectly suits the classic French door style.

For maximum privacy, Blockout and Room Darkening Blinds are available. It is important to select blinds that fit nicely behind handles and don’t interfere with the function of the French door while still looking stylish. With various options available on the market, you can find something that meets your needs for your French doors.


External Blinds For French Doors?


There are several options for external blinds for French doors in Australia, such as U Blinds Australia, Complete Blinds Sydney, My Direct Blinds, and Dollar Curtains and Blinds.

Additionally, handmade or custom blinds can be purchased from websites like Etsy Australia.

When choosing external blinds for a French Door, it is important to consider factors such as the size of the existing door frame, the level of insulation required, the desired material or colour pigments, and ease of access.

Using specialised systems designed specifically for French Doors helps ensure the product and installation meet the specifications required. With this in mind, selecting a company with experience in providing and installing external blinds on French Doors is essential.

Magnetic Blinds For French Doors?


There are various options for magnetic blinds for French doors available online.

You can find them on websites like Amazon, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, Etsy, and Walmart.

These blinds are designed to attach to the door’s metal frame using magnets, making them a hassle-free installation option. Magnetic blinds for French doors come in different sizes and colours to fit your needs and preferences.

They provide a versatile lighting control and privacy solution with their adjustable slats. Additionally, the installation process is easy – attach the magnets to the door’s metal frame, and you’re done.

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Are Integral Blinds Worth It?


Integral blinds are worth the cost as they provide energy efficiency, durability, and added value to new aluminium bi-folds.

More expensive than regular blinds, integral blinds may potentially last as long as the windows and come with an A rating for energy efficiency, making them an excellent addition to new aluminium bi-folds without compromising on energy efficiency.

Are Patio Doors With Built-in Blinds Energy-efficient?


Patio doors with built-in blinds are energy-efficient due to the glazed units and frames they are fitted with. These units help limit solar gain and prevent rooms from overheating by hermetically sealing the integral blinds within them.

However, patio doors lack airtight frames and gases such as Argon and Krypton, which make windows more energy-efficient. This design allows for more excellent airflow than gas fills can provide.

Moreover, these patio doors provide a streamlined look and can be easily adjusted by an accessible slide on one side of the glass.


How Are French Doors With Built-in Blinds Installed?


Installing French doors with built-in blinds involves either purchasing pre-manufactured doors with the blinds already installed between the glass panels and operated by two controls or adding an extra panel of glass enclosing a set of mini-blinds that can also be raised, lowered, and tilted.

Alternatively, traditional door blinds can be installed on French doors by measuring 2 inches above the glass on each side and installing brackets at each end of the line before sliding in the headrail and securing it with screws.

What Maintenance Is Required For French Doors With Built-in Blinds?


Maintenance for French doors with built-in blinds is relatively minimal.

The need to clean the blinds is often eliminated because the blinds are encapsulated between the glass. If they become damaged, however, they may not be easily repairable, and you may have to replace the insulated window assembly.

To prevent damage, handle them carefully when operating the operator track by sliding it gently and smoothly to avoid disengaging it, maintaining a clean track clear of dirt and debris, and raising the blinds during transit, storage, assembly and installation.

Excessive force or operation should also be avoided as it can cause damage to the slats and lift cords.


Common Problems With French Doors With Built-in Blinds?


One of the common problems with French doors with built-in blinds is that the blinds can get dusty and may be impossible to clean, making them more susceptible to dirt and other contaminants.

These doors can also be expensive compared to traditional external window blinds and come in a limited selection of styles and colours. Furthermore, as these blinds depend on mechanical functions with many moving parts, repairing them could be challenging if any malfunction occurs.

Additionally, corded patio door blinds can create a danger for children or pets if they become tangled between the cords or chains, while managing the blinds on doors may also be difficult due to their frequent opening and closing.

Problems With Blinds Between Glass Doors?


Blinds between glass doors can experience several problems. One issue is that the magnetic operator can come loose from the internal magnets, causing the blind not to operate correctly.

Another problem is that the blinds can still get dusty; depending on the window system, it may be impossible to clean them. If the blinds become unleveled at the bottom, they can be lifted to the top and lowered to fix this issue.

If a built-in blind breaks or stops working, it is possible to realign the magnets quickly. If a built-in blind fails, it may need to be replaced. Built-in blinds are sealed within panes of glass, so when they fail, replacing them requires replacing an entire pane of glass.

To fix internal blind control mechanisms in doors with enclosed blinds, Blink Entry Doorglass recommends troubleshooting common issues, such as checking for obstructions in the track or ensuring that batteries are charged if applicable. Therefore, problems caused by worn-out components or broken hardware often require professional repair services or complete replacement.

French doors can indeed have built-in blinds. This method provides an added convenience to the homeowner as they no longer need to manage multiple window treatments with individual cords and controls.

Many options are available when choosing the type and style of built-in blinds that best suit the needs of one’s room and aesthetic preference. With a wide range of materials, colours, and shapes available, there is something for everyone regarding French doors with integrated window shades.

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When debating between French doors and curtains, consider the convenience of built-in blinds. French doors with built-in blinds offer a sleek, modern look while providing easy light control and privacy. Curtains can be cumbersome and may not always achieve the same level of sophistication as built-in blinds.

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