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Professional Skirting Boards Installation in Perth and Surrounding Regions with Octopus Doors

Skirting Boards Services Perth

Whether you are renovating your home, looking for a casual upgrade, or constructing a brand-new office complex, Octopus Doors is here to help you select the perfect skirting boards perth for your environment and provides exceptional supply, installation, and painting services to achieve remarkable results with skirting boards Perth.

We’ve perfected the art of installing and painting skirting boards and look forward to satisfying our clients with an enduring product.

Our supply, installation, and painting services are second-to-none, making Octopus Doors your #1 choice for skirting boards Perth, Baldivis, Rockingham, Fremantle, Mandurah.

Skirting Boards Supply Perth

Half splayed white colorOctopus Doors is a top supplier of skirting boards Perth made of medium-density-fibreboard and highly-moisture-resistant properties, or MDF/HMR, in Perth and surrounding regions. Because interior styles vary widely, we offer a diverse variety of skirting board designs and profiles to match the interior presentation of each unique home or building. From modern to traditional, you’ll find every kind of skirting board Perth model option at Octopus Doors, including Half Splayed, Lambs Tongue, Pencil Rounded, Federation, Dar, Colonial, and many more. Each model of our proprietary skirting board comes with a high-performance durability guarantee and a quality design to match your interior style.


The Octopus Doors Difference

Skirting boards do more than just put the finishing touches on your interior, they’re also ideal for protecting your walls from damage caused by impact or scraping on skirting board. At Octopus Doors, each and every skirting board is manufactured following a rigorously-tested formula with a balanced mix of hardwood and softwood fibres, wax, and resin to create a MDF/HMR skirting board built to last. Our proven high-pressure and temperature-shaping techniques ensure that your skirting boards Perth don’t lose integrity when being fashioned into a decorative style, and serve to protect your walls from damage while being a welcome piece of interior design for many years to come.

Octopus Doors skirting boards supply services include non-painted and painted with any colour or paint type best-suited to your home or structure. Our professional measurement and evaluation ensures flawless symmetry between floor and wall along the entirety of your skirting board profile.

When you choose Octopus Doors, your product is delivered via transport vehicles equipped for the specific purpose of transporting skirting boards, which prevents mishandlingLamb tongue with corners - Octopus Doors and damage such as blemishes, watermarks, or scratches. This allows us to deliver your skirting boards Perth in perfect condition and ready to be installed to your full satisfaction. Our timely delivery service extends to all areas of Perth and grants access to affordable and quality MDF/HMR skirting boards for every residential and commercial area in the region. We provide fully-scalable delivery services from small-to-large, and are happy to accommodate your schedule and convenience regardless of your location and skirting Lambs Tongue.

With Octopus Doors, your skirting boards can be delivered to your doorstep or you may choose to receive our skirting boards supply, installation and painting package, which includes post-installation and painting touch-ups to ensure there are no imperfections and everything is fulfilled to model detail.

Contact us for more information about skirting boards supply Perth with Octopus Doors or to receive your free, no-obligation quote or estimate today.

Octopus Doors services all regions of Perth, WA, including Harrisdale, Secret Harbour, Wellard, Success, Bertram, Hammond Park, Mandurah, Beeliar, Baldivis, Rockingham, Piara Waters, Canning Vale, and all other surrounding Perth areas.

Skirting Boards Installation Perth


Choose Octopus Doors for expert installation of skirting boards in your home, office complex, and all other building types in any region of Perth, WA. For optimal results, skirting board installation involves a thorough procedure performed by an experienced professional with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve a polished look with your flooring Perth and Lambs Tongue.

skirting boards in coridor - perthOur team members are fully-trained and experienced in the process of skirting board installation and take great pride in providing a top-tier service with exceptional results. From shaping and grading to cutting, fitting, and aligning, our team is committed to flush symmetry along every wall and around every corner of your home or structure using our high-quality MDF/HMR skirting boards Western AU.

All of our skirting boards are manufactured with first-class softwood and hardwood fibres, creating a strong yet flexible profile that can be shaped and fitted based on the unique specifications of each home or building. At Octopus Doors, we know our product very well, and exactly what it takes to get those polished skirting gaps, fixings, and internal corners with every style or design we offer. Together with our skirting board painting service, you can be assured to receive an immaculate finish for every type of floor — from wood and tile floors to vinyl, carpet, and many others.

Contact us to learn more about Octopus Doors skirting board installation in Perth or to receive your free, no-obligation estimate now.

Skirting Boards Painting Perth


You can count on Octopus Doors to provide expert and timely skirting boards painting in Perth, WA, and all surrounding areas. Our specialty skirting board painting service can be included with the purchase of our proprietary MDF/HMR skirting boards or applied to your existing skirting boards for a well-defined complement to your home interior. We paint all models and profiles of skirting board and guarantee an even, glossy, and enduring coat of paint for every type of Lambs Tongue material and grade.

Skirting boards with carpet in the roomFor our trademark MDF/HMR skirting boards, our painting service ensures that every bend, corner, and facet is coated with a fortified layer of top-brand paint and blends evenly with surrounding surfaces while achieving a quality appearance. We recommend our painting service with the purchase and installation of our skirting boards, which also includes touch-ups and finishes for a flawless decorative result.

At Octopus Doors, we offer the same high standard of commitment to your pre-existing skirting boards as we do to our own product. Painting old skirting boards requires a step-by-step and detailed process to prevent chipped, saturated, and soiled paint. We specialise in removing existing paint and preparing the material for maximum adherence and purity. The process begins with an even sanding Lambs Tongue of the entire surface to remove old paint and stains, and is followed by a thorough dusting of the spaces — resulting in a smooth and clean material surface ready for a spotless coat of paint. In case of deeply stained skirting boards, sealers are applied to prevent contamination of new paint and allow for a brand-new look and finish.

Octopus Doors skirting boards painting service includes 1 coat of Primer, 1 coat of Dulux Total Prep, 1 or more coats of Dulux oil-based Enamel or Aquanamel Gloss, and as many coats of high-quality paint as necessary to achieve a deep and refined colour for your skirting boards. We also offer custom colours on request at no additional charge for Lambs Tongue skirting board.

Contact us to learn more about Skirting Boards Painting Perth or to receive your free quote today.

These skirting boards below come in the following sizes and shapes. Our prices are starting from $5.99 per LM for skirting boards supply, painting and installation package.

These are the most popular MDF Skirting board choices in Perth WA:

  • NOSING 170 x 30, 170 x 25
  • CAPPING 170 x 25
  • BULLNOSE 67_92 X 18
  • DAR SQUARE DRESSED 42_67_92_117 X 18 – 30_42 X 18
  • BULL NOSE 67 x 18 , 92 x 18LAMB TONGUE 67_92_140 X 18
  • WA COLLONIAL 67_87 X 18
  • WA COLLONIAL 2 140_190 X 18
  • WA FEDERATION 65_80_125 X 18
  • 3 STEP 92 x 18 , 140 x 18
  • BEVELLED67 x 18 , 92 x 18
  • FEDERATION 80 x 18 , 125 x 18 , 140 x 18
  • BLADE 92 x 18 , 140 x 18
  • TALIA 140 x18
  • REPLICA 85 x 18
  • COVE 140 x 18
  • EDGE 150 x 18
  • STEP DECCO 85 x 18, 135 x 18
  • WA SINGLE BULLNOSE 67 x 18, 92 x 18
  • WA DOUBLE BULLNOSE 42 x 18, 67 x 18
  • LAMB TONGUE 67_92_140 X 18

How much does it cost to install skirting boards?

At Octopus Doors cost for MDF skirting boards supply, painting and installation starting from $6.99. However cost can vary from many factors like type type of skirting boards, their sizes, and complexity of the installation job.

Can you just glue skirting boards?

In case if you have straight walls you can definitely glue your skirting boards. Your skirting boards will get great professional finish this way.

What color is best for skirting boards?

Your skirting boards should follow the same color tone as your walls. Darker skirting boards will give your space a more modern, contemporary feel, while lighter colours will help make small rooms appear larger. If you’re still unsure, play it safe and choose a crisp, pure white.

Are MDF Skirting Boards Any Good?

MDF Skirting boards are the best choice for your home. Unlike other types of skirting boards, there is no knots or imperfections and MDF requires less time to prepare. They are Medium Density Fibreboard made up of many materials including softwood fibres and even recycled materials which are then all compressed in a crusher to form a wooden board.

How long does it take to install skirting?

Octopus Doors usually takes one day to install skirting boards. Some other factors can influence that, like removing old skirting boards and preparing walls for installation of skirting boards.

Can you put skirting boards over old ones?

Yes you can. It’s called “skirting covers” and it’s the quickest way to cover skirting boards. We aim for replacement because that is proffesional way to do the job right way.

Do you paint walls or skirting boards first?

You should paint your walls first before skirting boards. Our skirting boards are coming prepainted already so there is no need for any extra painting job.

Should I leave a gap under skirting boards?

No. There is no need to leave any gaps under skirting boards, except if the customer demand that we leave gap under skirting boards.

Can I use Liquid Nails for skirting boards?

You can use liquid nails for your skirting boards installation or just “ordinary” nails for your skirting boards.

What is the fastest way to sand skirting boards?

Fastest way to sand your skirting boards is by hand and sanding paper so you can “fell” the surface under your sanding paper.

Should skirting boards be gloss or matte?

Skirting boards can be gloss or matte, just depends from your preference and other painted items in your room like doors, architraves and floor.

Which is best for skirting boards MDF or wood?

We recommend MDF skirting boards for many reasons.

Which is better pine or MDF?

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is a high grade, composite material that performs better than solid wood in many areas. At the same time they are cheaper and longer lasting than pine.

What is the best height for skirting boards?

Standard skirting board height is around 145mm, which is about 6 inches. This size is a mid range height, as we offer heights from 70mm to 350mm.

Quick installation with an immaculate finish. Makes me want to redo the whole house!

Sandra N., Fremantle

The work these guys did was fantastic, and they were cheery good-natured guests!

Jayden T., Osborne Park

I am pleased with the decision of replacing my doors. The new ones have really added style to the interior. I can’t believe what a difference it makes.

Clare G., Armadale

Totally professional from the moment they got here until the moment they left. Even helped me choose a custom paint ahead of time. We couldn’t have made a better choice. I love these guys!

Jennifer T., Perth

My old skirting boards were a mess after raising 3 boys. I hired Octopus Doors to replace them and am genuinely impressed with both the quality of product and service. Fantastic work, highly recommended!

Corey M., Midland

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