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Professional Dog door Installation in Perth and Surrounding Regions with Octopus Doors

Dog Door Installation Services Perth

Looking for an eligible and professional dog door installer in Perth? You’re in the right place! Octopus Doors is an experienced and qualified door business with the mission to provide all Perth residents with the best pet door solutions for their homes. We pride ourselves in offering high-quality services when you need it and making sure it’s within your budget.

Although dogs love having your companion and you as a playmate, they will still whine when they want to go outside to get sunlight, exercise or play. Sometimes they urinate on your carpet, ruining it, because they are unable to open the door, and you are unable to open it for them. By hiring Octopus Doors to professionally install our doggy doors you can let your dog come and go out of the house as he pleases.

At Octopus doors, we have a variety of doggy door designs you can choose from, although if you are struggling to choose a design feel free to contact us for any recommendation for your home. Once you call us, we will advise you on available designs and recommend the best solution depending on the type of door you have as well as consider the needs of your dog.

If you are considering a passageway in your wall, we’ll carefully evaluate your wall and use our wide knowledge as well as strong skills to make a quality door.

Being in the industry for a long time, we have gained years of experience allowing us to become experts in our field and supply the best materials for your project. It has allowed us to produce top-quality, durable and appealing doggy doors for your home, while also guaranteeing longevity, punctuality and advance features in your home.

Ready to give your dog some freedom? Call us today and receive a free quote or schedule when we should start your doggie door installation in Perth WA or sorounding areas Baldivis, Rockingham, Fremantle, Mandurah.

What to consider when installing dog doors?

Allowing your dog to have the freedom to move in and out of your home, is not only convenient for you but also beneficial for your dog’s physical and emotional health. Here are some factors we advise you to put into account when choosing the ideal dog door in Perth.


Do you need professional dog door installation in Perth?

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Dog door size

Big dog exiting through small door


If you have several dogs in the house, the dog door should be large enough to fit the largest pet. The smallest pet should also be able to push the gate with its head, so ensure the smallest pet should also be able to push the gate with its head. It is essential to remember your pet is growing each day, so you should consider whether the dog will fit in the same door after a few years.


To prevent other pets from going inside your house in search of food or to cause havoc, you need a pet door that only opens to your dog. Our service adds a high-performance chip near the entrance that detects your dog’s presence as long as your dog has its chip on the collar.

The type of dog door

Octopus Doors has an immense experience in professionally installing doggie doors on all kinds of doors, therefore you can trust us to deliver exceptional results at affordable prices. If you live in a rental house, we have a solution for you: we can also design doors that won’t annoy your landlord.

Safety and security

Dog waiting next to green entry doors - Octopus Doors Having a safe and secure pet door is essential for your home. For your dog’s safety and health, a quality dog door design is vital for your home. Our team at Octopus Doors creates long-lasting and professional doggie doors for your home and allows your dog to harmlessly enter and leave your home.

 Our doors are built with materials and designs that won’t harm your dog and provide him/her an easy way to go outside to play.   Octopus Doors produces a variety of security door designs to satisfy our customer’s tastes and preferences, so we are ready to recommend the best door designs if security is one of your deciding factors.


Cost of doors

How much you spend on your door, depends on its material and exclusive features. The advantages of choosing Octopus Doors is that we provide premium doors at affordable and budget-friendly prices. We strive to allow our clients to have access to high-performance and safe doggie doors at great prices. Contact us today and we’ll meet all your doors needs as well as send you a free quote for your project.

Benefits of hiring experts in an indoor installation


Experience and skills

With over ten years of experience and through the installation of hundreds of doors, we have what it takes to professionally install your doggie door to your top standards. We have worked with many different door types and pride ourselves on delivering the most high-end results. Our team at Octopus Doors has gone through training and acquired the necessary skills to perform an outstanding job.

Quick turn around

We offer quick turnaround times for every project we undertake in Perth, so if you require a fast and efficient doggie door provide, Octopus Doors is your most ideal choice.

Quality materials

Octopus Doors only use the highest performing materials to provide you with a functional and appealing pet door installation service in Perth, WA. All our equipment and products are professionally designed to fulfil your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Why choose us?

Octopus Doors is a licensed and insured to provide expert pet door installation service to all areas Perth at affordable and reasonable prices. Our high level of experience in supply and installation services of doors for both residential and commercial customers. We aim to exceed in all fields, including reliability, affordability, and quick turnaround projects, that allows us to shine amongst other businesses and provide top-quality door services. Octopus Doors provides expert door service in all Perth WA, so no one can miss our affordable and professional installation service. Contact us today on 1800 491 492 and we will immediately respond to your questions as well as provide a free estimate quote.

Quick installation with an immaculate finish. Makes me want to redo the whole house! Sandra N., Fremantle
The work these guys did was fantastic, and they were cheery good-natured guests! Jayden T., Osborne Park
I am pleased with the decision of replacing my doors. The new ones have really added style to the interior. I can’t believe what a difference it makes. Clare G., Armadale
Totally professional from the moment they got here until the moment they left. Even helped me choose a custom paint ahead of time. We couldn’t have made a better choice. I love these guys! Jennifer T., Perth
My old skirting boards were a mess after raising 3 boys. I hired Octopus Doors to replace them and am genuinely impressed with both the quality of product and service. Fantastic work, highly recommended! Corey M., Midland

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