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Hello, I’m George Anderson, an expert installer and blog writer at Octopus Doors Company.

With several years of professional experience, I’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge in door installations, repairs, renovations, and maintenance. My journey, underpinned by an esteemed educational institution’s certification, has seen me hone my skills, ensuring the delivery of superior quality results for all our customers.

Being part of the professional team at Octopus Doors Company is a source of immense pride. Our collective expertise encompasses installation, design, and decoration services, enabling us to cater to a broad spectrum of customer requirements in interior doors. In addition to regular installation tasks, we advise on the type of door best suited to our client’s space requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Writing for the Octopus Doors Company blog allows me to share my insights on door equipment and accessories. I enjoy offering valuable information about maintaining security measures and giving practical tips on selecting the right door materials, paints, or handle styles.

As a craftsman, I take particular pride in creating custom-made interior doors, bringing both traditional and contemporary styles to life. Should you ever need assistance with door-related concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out – your satisfaction is my priority!

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