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Hi, I’m James Davis. I’m a carpenter and occasional blog writer for the Octopus Doors Company.

I’ve been working in the field for eight years and in that time have gained extensive experience in carpentry services and repair, installation, renovation and maintenance works of interior doors.

I graduated from Education Skills Australia Institute with a diploma in carpentry and joiner trade. Since then, I have honed my skills to deliver high-quality results for every customer. Whether providing extensive service research or tips on DIY projects, my goal is always customer satisfaction first.

I am proud to be part of such a professional team at Octopus Doors Company. Our team includes experts in carpentry and design, installation and decorating services so that we can take care of all our customer’s needs when it comes to installing interior doors. Aside from regular carpentry tasks, we advise on what type of door would work best for our client’s space requirements or specific taste.

I genuinely enjoy sharing my knowledge through writing articles for the company blog, where customers can find helpful information about maintaining security measures along with general tips on choosing the right door materials, paints or handle style to get the most out of their purchase!

As someone who values traditional craftsmanship, I take great pride in creating unique custom-made interior doors and more modern contemporary pieces to make your home look fabulous! So if you ever need help with door-related problems, don’t hesitate to reach out — I promise it will be worth your while!

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