Embark on a fascinating journey into storm and screen doors, where you’ll uncover how these practical additions can enhance your home’s value, coziness, and safety. This all-inclusive guide will examine how storm and screen doors harmonize with diverse door styles, including elegant French and versatile double doors.

We’ll also dive into the advantages of storm doors, their influence on your property’s worth, and their crucial role in bolstering security.

Lastly, we’ll touch upon the expenses tied to storm and screen door installation. Prepare to unearth the ideal storm or screen door solution tailored to your abode.

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Can you get storm doors for French doors?


Yes, you can get storm doors for French doors in Australia. It is important to note that while storm doors protect the home from harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and heavy rain, fly screens and insect protection doors are designed to keep insects out of the house.

There are various products available on the market for this purpose, including:


* Retractable Fly Screens: Freedom Screens offers retractable screen solutions with a sleek design that can blend with any home aesthetic. These screens are user-friendly and easy to install without needing tools or skills. They guarantee outdoor views without disrupting beautiful views from elegant French doors.

* Hinged Screen Doors from Seconline: These doors come fully assembled and ready to install, with charcoal fibreglass fly mesh for insect protection. Micro-mesh and black 316 stainless steel fly mesh options also provide added security.

* Crimsafe’s French Doors: These complement existing door style while providing 99% effectiveness when it comes to flies, bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects. Crimsafe also provides safety in addition to style.

* Door Plus‘ Range of External French Doors: This range includes customizable side panels to customize your entrance’s finished look and feel according to your preferences. The Claremont range offers plenty of mix-and-match options when it comes to the configuration as well as glass design selection for your convenience.

Can you put a screen door on double doors?


Yes, you can put a screen door on double doors in Australia. Retractable screens are the best option for double and bi-folding doors as they cover the opening length when the doors open. Seconline French hinged screen doors come pre-assembled and ready to install, making installation much easier.

If you have French doors with built-in sliding screen doors, look to see if there is a sliding track on the outside of it as some manufacturers provide perfectly matching screens.

Alternatively, spring tension curtain bars with a custom screening made into one of those slip curtains with a weighted bottom or aquarium rocks/screen/hot melt glue/tension rod can be used instead of traditional screen panels for your double doors.

Several quality options for reducing pests from entering your home while still providing convenient access through double doorways:

• Retractable Screens – Best suited for double and bi-folding doorways; these robustly constructed frames slide open and close smoothly and — when not in use — retract into a discreet housing that blends into any architectural style.

• French Hinged – Ready to install; these durable aluminium frames speak to your home’s style while providing an effective defence against invading insects due to deliberate placement within tight spaces around entryway edges.

• Sliding Tracks/Frames – Manufacturers often provide perfectly fitting screens for existing double door frames already featuring tracks along the exterior edge, ensuring quick installation time & seamless appearance with existing installations.

• Tension Rods & Slip Curtains – To obtain truly customized sizes & placements beyond what factory-produced sides offer, use slip curtains backed with springs or aquarium screenings held by tension rods surrounding whole entries beyond just their thresholds for better coverage & larger openings.


Can you put storm doors on double doors?


Yes, it is possible to put storm doors on double doors in Australia. According to Andersen Windows, two separate storm doors can be installed within a single frame to accommodate doorways with two entry doors.

Doors Plus recommends using retractable screens for double and bi-folding doors because they are the best option for open doors. They also offer screen doors that their professionals can measure, make, and fit.

Seconline offers French-hinged security doors and French-hinged screen doors with micro-mesh that are easy to install and use.


There are several different solutions available for those looking to install storm doors on double front entryways:


• Retractable Screens: Doors Plus recommends using retractable screens for double front entryways as these provide the best options when the door is open. Their specialists can measure, make, and fit the screen door accordingly.


• French Hinged Security Doors & Screen Doors: Seconline offers high-quality French hinged security or screen door solutions incorporating micro-mesh technology, which makes them ideal additions to keep insects away while allowing airflow into your home. The installation process is reasonably straightforward too!


Storm door installations may prove worthwhile if you want to add reliable extra protection against unfavourable weather conditions, unwanted pests, and curious passersby! Not only do you have plenty of designs available, but plenty of fitting specialists will help with measurements and tailored construction alternatives specific to each property.

backyard screen door with cat and shoes

Can all doors have a storm door?


Yes, storm doors can be installed on any exterior door. However, it is important to consider whether a storm door is necessary for your home. The need for a storm door depends upon several factors, such as climate, exposure to the elements, and the condition of the existing door.


If your front door suffers from air or water leaks that aren’t easily repaired, installing a storm door can protect it from damage caused by rain, snow and wind-blown debris. A storm door extends the lifespan of high-end wooden or recently painted doors between repainting or replacing them.


On the other hand, if you have an energy-efficient front door that is well-protected by an overhang or covered porch and receives only short periods of direct sunlight each day during hotter seasons, then adding a storm door may not be necessary. This is because the glass will trap heat against the entry door and potentially damage it.


In conclusion, while a Storm Door can be installed on any exterior door, it ultimately comes down to several factors, such as climate and exposure and how much protection your existing front requires to determine if one is truly necessary.

Is there a screen for French doors?


Yes, there are screens available for French doors in Australia. Several reliable companies offer retractable fly screens designed to fit this type of door. These screens come with sleek designs and a retractable feature, allowing them to be easily operated.


Freedom Retractable Screens

Freedom Retractable Screens is a popular solution among French door owners in Australia due to its cost-effective solutions that do not require a centre post as the screens pull across to meet in the centre.



Artilux provides customized solutions based on how these doors are used in homes or businesses. The company offers several options for both single and double-door openings.



Seconline delivers fully assembled hinged screen doors directly to customer sites and comprehensive measurement and installation video guides prepared by qualified installers.



This leading Australian name offers highly durable retractable screens that cover up to 5.5 metres in a single span after undergoing rigorous testing. It comes complete with bug mesh and excellent protection from intruders.

Can you install screen doors on French doors?


Yes, it is possible to install screen doors on French doors. Retractable screen doors are the most popular choice for homeowners because they can be installed inside or outside the door frame and offer unparalleled utility. This type of screen retracts into the frame itself when not in use, as opposed to a regular screen door that shifts to the side or a storm door that requires additional opening space.

Retractable French Door Kits

The most common setup is a retractable French door kit that covers both sides and meets in the middle, allowing one screen to remain intact with little need for an adjustment each time. Such standalone French doors don’t provide much privacy, so blinds or curtains may be necessary for extra security and seclusion. A double set of French doors where only one opens also have an option; sliding track systems can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowe’s stores and will pull out from whichever side you wish them to be installed on. It is recommended that your chosen product has a three-point locking system for added safety and weather protection during tumultuous periods.

DIY Screen Door Installation

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option when installing your screens, then DIY methods are always available. One easy technique involves the removal of all moulding around the glass panes of your current doors. After this, they should be replaced with something onto which hinges can attach to attach regular screens without too much financial strain.


Should you use a storm door in the front of your house?


Whether or not to use a storm door in the front of your house in Australia depends on several factors, including climate and personal preference. Storm doors protect against winter weather, provide extra ventilation during warmer conditions, additional security and even easier access if you have children.


Protection From Weather:

Storm doors are primarily used as protection against inclement weather, particularly in winter, or to allow additional ventilation when the warmer weather comes. A screen door may be the right option if your door is exposed to the elements.

Warmer climates don’t need storm doors to protect the door from winter weather, but the screen would allow air to circulate during nice weather.

According to the Department of Energy, you should skip the storm door if your exterior door receives more than a few hours of direct sun daily. The glass will trap heat against the entry door and could damage it.



Storm doors also offer security in a more practical sense: A locking storm door lets you open your front door to speak to someone without giving them instant access to your home. Storm doors aren’t impenetrable, but they offer an extra layer of security for homeowners looking for added safety measures for their homes.


Child Accessibility:

Additionally, live in a home with children who can’t seem to grasp the concept of closing the door behind them. Your storm door will also keep wind, rain, dirt and leaves out of your entryway while allowing easy access for little ones outside the yard or street.


Pros & Cons:

Whether or not you should use a storm door depends on personal preference and specific circumstances. A storm may not be necessary if you have a newer, energy-efficient, well-sealed front door and your primary concern is reducing energy loss.

However, if you want an additional layer of security or more natural light into your home through an entryway that is dark because of a solid front door installing a storm can be beneficial in these situations as well as any other circumstance depending on what your house needs are.

Do storm doors add value to your home?


Adding a storm door to your home in Australia can increase its value and provide numerous benefits. Storm doors come with heavy-duty keyed locks and non-removable pin hinges, giving homeowners total peace of mind.

Storm doors offer excellent protection from attempted intrusion and lend curb appeal to any property due to their range of colours and styles that can match a wide variety of home decor.

Security screen doors are similar to storm doors and provide many of the same benefits. Security screens offer added safety and privacy and lower insurance premiums due to added home security features and can also mitigate the need for entry repairs and lower energy and electricity costs.

Overall, adding security features such as storm doors or security screen doors can increase the value of your home in Australia. These features not only provide peace of mind for homeowners but also serve to attract potential buyers. Benefits include:

• Heavy-duty keyed locks and non-removable pin hinges for maximum protection from intrusion

• Curb appeal due to a wide selection of colours and styles

• Added safety and privacy

• Lower insurance premiums due to added home security features

• Mitigate the need for entry repairs

• Lower energy & electricity costs

Thunderstorm Safety: Essential Preparation and Actions Guide


Activity / ConditionRecommendations
Preparation for thunderstorms
Check forecasts and warningsUse the Bureau’s website or app, and listen to local and national radio and TV broadcasts
When a severe thunderstorm threatens
Check warnings and updatesBureau website or app, local radio station
Shelter and secure pets and animalsBring pets indoors or in a secure area
Secure outdoor itemsGarden furniture, trampolines, etc.
Protect vehiclesPark under solid shelter or cover with tarpaulins/blankets
Secure homeExternal doors, windows, draw curtains
Prepare emergency kitValuables, medications, warm clothing in plastic bags
When the thunderstorm strikes
Shelter indoorsStay away from windows, doors, and skylights
Avoid using fixed telephonesDue to lightning danger
Avoid contact with brick, concrete, and floorsNo bare-footed contact with concrete or tiled floors
Keep updatedBureau website or app, local radio station
If caught outdoors
Don’t drive into waterAvoid water flowing over roads
Don’t traverse flooded areasNo walking, riding, or swimming through floodwaters
Seek shelterHard-top vehicle or solid building; avoid small structures or trees
Stay low if far from shelterCrouch alone, remove metal objects, avoid being the highest object
Avoid activities that increase riskNo kite flying, handling fishing rods, etc.
Stay away from metal objectsMetal poles, fences, clotheslines, etc.
Avoid open transportationNo riding horses, bicycles, or open vehicles
Leave water activitiesSwimming, surfing, boating
Ensure boat safetyAdequate grounding for sailing boat mast and stays
Where to get more information
Bureau of Meteorology telephone messagesVarious regional numbers provided
State and territory emergency servicesVarious regional emergency services contacts provided

State and territory emergency services

New South Wales NSW SES 132 500

Victoria VIC SES 132 500

Queensland SES 132 500

Western Australia DFES 13 3337

South Australia SA SES 132 500

Tasmania Tas SES 132 500

ACT ACT ESA 13 22 81

Northern Territory SecureNT 132 500

Are storm doors worth the money?


Storm doors offer several benefits that make them worth their cost. These can include additional security, insulation, and versatility to your home. They can protect primary doors from rain, ice, snow, and other elements, reducing repairs and maintenance costs.

Storm doors also provide ventilation when fair weather arises as they have retractable screens or interchangeable glass/screen panels, allowing for varying light levels. Furthermore, a storm door has the potential to dramatically lower energy costs by preventing air from entering through an entry door if the weather is especially hot or cold.


Key Benefits:

– Protection from rain, ice, and snow, reducing maintenance costs

– Ventilation when fair weather arises

– Potential to lower energy costs

– Increase natural light in the home with extended foyers attached to the entryway

– Variety of designs & styles increasing curb appeal of the home


Additional Security:

Storm doors are equipped with built-in keyed locks separate from a home’s primary door providing an extra barrier against intruders.


Cost Considerations:

Installing a storm door ranges from $100 – $950, depending on the features included and may not be necessary for every home. Suppose a newer primary door has energy-efficient features that are well-protected behind an overhang or covered porch. There may be no tangible benefit in opting for storm doors in that case. Additionally, suppose inconvenience is caused by having to enter/exit through two sets of doors. In that case, this may outweigh any intended benefits, so it’s important to evaluate expectations before investing in these upgrades.

Are storm doors burglar-proof?


No, storm doors are not burglar-proof. Storm doors offer added protection against break-ins because they make it more difficult for burglars to enter a home through the front door. However, this is still not guaranteed, and further security measures are needed for true safety.


Security Storm Doors: Maximum Protection

For ultimate protection from intruders, homeowners can install security storm doors. These are the heaviest-duty storm doors available and feature steel construction and laminated security glass, making it nearly impossible for burglars to break in without compromising views.


Security Upgrades for Storm Doors

Homeowners looking to enhance the security of their existing storm door can look into adding deadbolts or full-view fixed windows with laminated security glass. Steel screen mesh also provides maximum protection while ensuring an uninterrupted view of the outdoors.

By implementing these protective strategies, homeowners can rest easy knowing their family and possessions are safe from potential intruders.

How much does it cost to install French storm doors?


The cost of installing French storm doors in Australia can vary depending on the type of material used, the door’s size, and the installation’s complexity. On average, it may range from several hundred dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Materials Used

Budget-friendly standard-sized French doors made from aluminium with either single or double glazing can range anywhere from around $350 for a single French storm door to $1,500 for a larger set.

Customized wooden French doors are available for those looking for more appealing designs and may range from a budget of $10,000 – $20,000, including labour costs for removing old doors and installing new ones.

Installation Complexity

The complexity of the design can drive up the installation cost even further. For example, replacing sliding doors with French doors will involve considerably more labour and work than simply replacing an existing set of French doors. Installing French doors ranges from $400 to $2,000; however, this price may not include road-resistant features.

Location-based Costs

It is also important to note that these prices are only estimates as they may vary depending on your location in Australia. Labour costs differ by city; Sydney’s average hourly fee is $30, while Melbourne’s is $35.

In conclusion, when considering installing French storm doors in Australia, it is recommended to get quotes from multiple professionals before making any decisions – considering various factors such as material type and complexity of installation, which make up their final cost estimate.

FactorDescriptionCost Range
Materials Used
Standard Aluminium French DoorsSingle or double glazing$350 – $1,500
Customized Wooden French DoorsMore appealing designs$10,000 – $20,000 (including labor)
Installation Complexity
Simple ReplacementReplacing existing French doors$400 – $2,000
Complex InstallationReplacing sliding doors with French doorsHigher labor cost
Location-based Costs
SydneyAverage hourly labor fee$30
MelbourneAverage hourly labor fee$35

*Note: These costs are estimates and may vary depending on your location in Australia. It is recommended to get quotes from multiple professionals before making any decisions.

A Door to a Better Home: Embrace the Benefits of Storm and Screen Doors


Having gained a more profound comprehension of storm and screen doors, their seamless integration with French and double doors, and the many benefits they bring to your sanctuary, you’re now armed with the knowledge to make an enlightened choice.

Remember your dwelling’s distinctive requirements and tastes while selecting the perfect storm or screen door. A well-suited door will elevate your home’s comfort, protection, and overall value.

Happy door hunting, and may your residence be a refuge from the elements and a bastion against unwanted visitors!

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Can Storm and Screen Doors Also Protect French Doors From Hurricanes?

Yes, storm and screen doors can effectively protect French doors from hurricanes. By installing a well-designed storm or screen door, homeowners can add an extra layer of protection against strong winds and flying debris, minimizing potential damage and ensuring the safety of their French doors during severe weather.

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