How Wide Can You Have French Doors

For exterior settings, standard maximum French door widths tend to fall in these ranges:

  • Single doors: up to 36 inches wide
  • Double doors: up to 72 inches wide
  • With sidelights: up to 108 inches wide

The most common exterior double French door width is 72 inches, consisting of two 36-inch doors side-by-side.

Here’s a quick reference table for maximum exterior French door widths:

Door TypeMaximum Width
Single Door36 inches
Double Doors72 inches
With Sidelights108 inches

So, when looking at exterior French door sizes, keep these maximum widths in mind.

Typical Maximum Interior French Door Widths

For interior settings, standard maximum French door widths are slightly narrower:

  • Single doors: up to 36 inches wide
  • Double doors: up to 72 inches wide
  • With sidelights: up to 120 inches wide

A 36-inch single or 72-inch double interior French door is the most common. But oversized rooms can accommodate wider doors up to 10 feet wide.

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Here are the maximum interior French door widths:

  • Single: 36 inches
  • Double: 72 inches
  • With Sidelights: Up to 120 inches

Max Possible French Door Widths

What are some of the absolute maximum widths when customising French doors?

  • Exterior single doors up to 42 inches wide
  • Exterior double doors up to 96 inches wide
  • Interior single doors up to 42 inches wide
  • Interior double doors up to 96 inches wide

For exterior doors, the maximum functional double door width is typically 8 to 9 feet. Beyond this, operation and structural integrity begin to suffer.

Interior doors can go as broad as 12+ feet with sidelights but require huge rooms.

French Door Rough Opening Widths

When calculating the rough opening width, you’ll need to add a bit to the actual door width:

  1. Take the single-door width
  2. Double for two doors
  3. Add 2 inches

For example, if each door is 36 inches wide:

  • 36 inches x 2 = 72 inches
  • Plus 2 inches = 74-inch rough opening

Having the proper rough opening width allows room for installation and smooth operation.

Measuring Maximum Opening Width


Max Possible French Door Widths

When measuring for the maximum width, be sure to:

  • Measure at the top, middle, and bottom locations
  • Use the widest of the three measurements
  • Account for extra width if adding sidelights or panels

Accurately measuring the maximum width ensures you get French doors suited for the space.

Material Limitations on Width

Some French door materials have inherent maximum width limitations:

  • Wood – 72 inches maximum recommended for stability
  • Fibreglass – Can accommodate widths over 10 feet
  • Aluminium – No practical width limitations
  • Vinyl – Typically limited to 72-inch double-door units
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Material choice plays a role in achieving very wide custom French doors.

Cost Considerations for Wider Doors

When budgeting for wide French doors, keep in mind:

  • Material costs increase for wider doors
  • Professional installation fees go up for oversize units
  • Larger hardware is required for wide doors

In summary, maximize light and views selectively since extra wide doors raise costs.

FAQs About Maximum French Door Widths

Below are some common questions about maximum French door widths:

What’s the widest single-panel exterior French door available?

For a single functioning exterior door, the maximum width is around 36 to 42 inches wide. Wider than 42 inches exceeds weight limits.

What’s the maximum width for double French doors?

The maximum double French door size is 96 inches or 8 feet wide. However, the most common maximum is 72 to 84 inches.

What’s the broadest interior French door size?

For interior settings, the maximum double French door size is also typically 96 inches. Single doors usually max out around 42 inches wide.

What French door width is needed for a 144-inch opening?

For a 12-foot opening, you could do two 72-inch doors or one 72-inch door plus two 36-inch sidelights (totalling 144 inches).

What is the maximum width for French doors with sidelights?

Interior and exterior French doors with sidelights can be 120 to 144 inches wide. But widths over 10 feet are rare.

Can the Typical Maximum Exterior French Door Widths Accommodate the Amazon Basics Door Hinges?

When considering Amazon Basics door hinges review, it’s important to note that the typical maximum exterior French door widths may not always accommodate them. The dimensions of the door and the location of the hinges should be taken into account to ensure a proper fit.

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Understanding common maximum French door widths for interiors and exteriors allows you to select the perfect fit. Just be sure to measure carefully and account for the limitations of the door materials.

With the right maximum width suited to your space, French doors can make a dramatic design statement, flooding your home with beauty and natural light. Careful planning ensures these elegant doors enhance your architecture seamlessly.

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