-up of two metal flush bolts installed on the interior of a French door, showing the intricate details of the hardware

of two metal flush bolts installed on the interior of a French door, showing the intricate details of the hardware

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘lock the barn door after the horses have bolted,’ but the best time to act is now with flush bolts when securing your interior French and double doors.

Not only are flush bolts a discreet and effective way to provide extra privacy and security for your interior doors, but they’re also easy to install and can be used with other locks.

Read on to find out how flush bolts work, when to use them, and why they’re the perfect choice for interior doors.

Key Takeaways


  • Flush bolts are a discreet and effective way to provide extra privacy and security for interior French doors.
  • They are easy to install and can be used with other locks.
  • Various styles, including slide, flip, and push button bolts, are available.
  • Flush bolts offer superior privacy options and better door security measures than alternative door hardware.


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We, as innovators, understand that flush bolts are an ideal choice for interior French and double doors.

Offering security and privacy with a discreet look, flush bolts are mortised into the inactive door edge and drilled into the jamb to embed the hardware flush. This allows one door to be operated while keeping the other locked.

Several types of flush bolt styles are available, including slide, flip, and push button bolts, to name a few.

These provide numerous advantages over alternative door hardware, such as superior privacy options and better door security measures.


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When to Use Flush Bolts on Interior Doors


When privacy and security are needed, flush bolts provide an ideal solution for interior doors. They allow one door to be locked while keeping the other operable, making them perfect for French, bedroom, and office doors.

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For those seeking alternative hardware options, flush bolts offer a sleek, discreet look that won’t detract from the interior design. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance and care.

With a cost-effectiveness analysis, it’s easy to recognize why flush bolts are an attractive option for interior door security. With careful consideration of privacy and security needs, flush bolts are an effective, innovative solution.


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How Flush Bolts Work on Interior Doors


To ensure privacy and security, flush bolts provide an ideal solution for interior doors. They allow one door to remain locked while the other remains operable. The flush bolt mechanism is installed flush into the edge of the inactive door. It then slides into the jamb to secure the door. Proper alignment of the flush bolt is essential for proper operation. Regular maintenance is also necessary for optimal performance. The flush bolt is the most discreet choice, but several alternatives are available depending on the desired functionality. Slide bolts, flip bolts, and push button bolts can all be used to secure interior doors. Ultimately, choosing between a flush bolt and other alternatives depends on the homeowner’s needs.


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Flush Bolt Options for Interior Doors


For privacy and security, flush bolt options offer a range of solutions for interior doors. These options include slide bolts, flip bolts, and push button bolts. Different finishes, such as polished brass and chrome, can be explored to create a unique look. It is important to compare slide bolts to flip bolts to decide which offers the best security. Additionally, push-button flush bolts provide the convenience of easy locking and unlocking. Common issues like sticking bolts can be troubleshooted with simple solutions. Lastly, innovative designs for interior door flush bolts, like lever-operated bolts, can be investigated for a modern aesthetic.


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Installing Interior Door Flush Bolts


Installing flush bolts for interior doors requires mortising the door edge and drilling the jamb to embed the hardware flush. Ensuring the bolt is installed correctly for security and privacy is essential.

Here are some installation tips to consider:

  • Use a drill bit the same size as the bolt.
  • Make sure the bolt is in line with the latch.
  • Use a level when installing the strike plate.
  • Pre-drill the jamb to avoid splitting the wood.
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Troubleshooting common issues can be complex, but contacting a professional is the best way to resolve any problems. Alternative hardware options like push buttons, slide, and flip bolts may offer more security and convenience.

Maintenance and care should be taken to ensure the flush bolt is in proper working order. Finally, cost comparison is crucial when choosing the right hardware for your interior doors.


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Benefits of Interior Flush Bolts


Adding interior flush bolts to French doors provides discreet security and privacy. They are perfect for rooms that require more privacy, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Benefits of using flush bolts include:

  • Enhanced Privacy: Flush bolts offer greater privacy than traditional door locks.
  • Space Optimization: They are designed to fit seamlessly into the door, allowing the room to remain spacious.
  • Security Reinforcement: Flush bolts provide an extra layer of security and peace of mind.
  • Design Versatility: They come in a variety of styles, allowing for a customized look.
  • Easy Operation: Flush bolts are easy to operate and can open one door while keeping the other locked.


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We have examined the pros and cons of interior flush bolts on French doors.

It is an easy and discreet way to add security and privacy to any interior space.

Alternative options are available but are often less reliable and more expensive.

Maintenance tips are easy to find, and cost considerations should be considered.

Customer reviews often provide the best insights into any product.

Overall, interior flush bolts offer an excellent solution for French doors. They are easy to install, provide a discreet way to add security and privacy, and are cost-effective.

Can Flush Bolts Be Used on French Doors to Improve Security?

Yes, flush bolts can be used on French doors to improve security. By securing both the top and bottom of the door, flush bolts provide added protection against intruders. This makes them a reliable choice for homeowners looking to enhance the security of their French doors vs sliding patio doors.

Frequently Asked Questions


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What Types of Locks Are Available With Flush Bolts?


We offer several installation options for flush bolts, providing security and privacy benefits. The basic design features a mortise door edge and drilled jamb, with options such as slide, flip, and push button bolts. The aesthetic appeal of flush bolts is unmatched, making them an ideal innovation for those seeking reliable security and privacy.


Is There a Difference Between Flush Bolts and Regular Door Locks?


We use flush bolts for added security and privacy on interior French and double doors. Compared to regular locks, flush bolts offer more locking mechanisms, stronger security features, and more installation methods across different door types and hardware styles. Plus, they’re easier and faster to install, making them an innovative choice for those wanting secure locks.


Are Flush Bolts Suitable for Exterior Doors?


We don’t recommend flush bolts for exterior doors due to security concerns, weatherproofing, design aesthetics, installation time, and insulation benefits. Exterior doors should be equipped with locks that are weatherproof and secure. Additionally, they should be aesthetically pleasing and require minimal installation time. Insulation benefits are also significant for exterior doors.


Are There Any Special Installation Requirements for Flush Bolts?


We recommend considering certain factors when installing flush bolts. Security and door prep are essential, including selecting the right materials and hardware. For maximum protection, ensure proper mounting and mortising of the door edge and drilling into the jamb. Consider these tips for an innovative and secure flush bolt installation.


How Much Does It Cost to Install Flush Bolts?


We’re experts in installing flush bolts and can offer tips on safety, different types, DIY techniques and security concerns. Prices vary depending on the type of installation, but we guarantee a safe and secure solution for your interior French doors.

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